Why? Community Center has several account types to allow you to have the largest number of participants build your website while being confident that your site has the best information available.

The different Community Center account types allow website managers to flexibly control users ability to interact with the website:

  • Site Managers can add and edit all content, manage user accounts, create components, specify component security and change site preferences
  • Editors can manage content that a Site Manager gives them rights to manage. Generally, a Site Manager will make an Editor account a member of a Restricted Group, then give rights to that Group to make changes.
  • A Self-Registered account can be created by any viewer of the website, though use of Self-Registered accounts is optional. Self-Registered users can be assigned to Restricted Groups by a Site Manager, or can join Limited Groups on their user profile. Both Restricted and Limited Groups can be given rights to make changes by a Site Manager. Self-Registered accounts are usually used when the public is invited to participate in a limited way on the website.

An individual user's Account Type can be changed by a Site Manager by editing that user's profile.

Generally, a site should have at least 2 Site Managers (so one is always available to create accounts or components) and the remainder of the users can be Editors. However, in smaller organizations with trusted users, all accounts can be Site Managers.

LIAA maintains a Site Manager account in all Community Center websites to provide support.

Component for this Procedure: User Accounts
Minimum Community Center Version: 1
User Role: Site Manager
Procedure Link: http://www.liaa.org/howtoprocedure.asp?howtoid=113