Access to the Site Preferences is available by clicking Edit Preferences in the Site Manager Tools.  Here are some highlights of the major preference sections:

  • Application Identification - The Application Name and Application Email are important here. The Application Name is used in notification emails and on forms. The Application Email is the email address that all notification emails sent by Community Center appears to be from.
  • Application Resource Locations - These items reference various resources on the web server. They should not be changed unless you are quite sure of the information you are changing.
  • Application Settings - These items are used to configure the behavior of some Community Center features. Important here are the Log Hits checkbox (to initiate hit logging), the Feedback Email box (usually enables a Comments link and specified the email address to which comments should be sent), the Picture dimension boxes, used to specify the maximum size of a picture on the site.
  • MyCC Feature Settings - Used to enable the MyCC feature.
  • User Settings - These items specify preferences for user accounts. Important here is the Allow Self-Registered Users checkbox, which enables or disables Self-Registered user account creation on your site.
  • User Profile Settings - Each type of user account can have a varying set of contact information collected on the user profile.
Component for this Procedure: General
Minimum Community Center Version: 3
User Role: Site Manager
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