by Jim Muratzki
Thursday, November 7, 2019

LIAA has completed a minor version update for Community Center. Among some bug fixes and Site Manager interface option changes, this update includes:

  • Standard Database records can now generate Calendar events, so a Meetings Database, for example, can automatically add (and delete) events corresponding to each meeting on a Calendar Component.
  • Emails from the Form Component can now be delivered to multiple email addresses from a form question (only one was possible before) and it is now possible to specify a Reply To address (fixed or from a Form element) so that you can just hit reply to an email from the Form Component and have it sent to the correct address (prior to this update you had to use an email address in the body of the email).
  • News Articles can now have attached documents.
  • The Slideshow Component now has more options for responsive websites, including the enhanced ability to have thumbnail grids serve as navigation elements. See the images toward the bottom of the Great Lakes Fisheries Heritage Trail home page for an example of thumbnail grids as navigation.
  • The Location Map Component now supports Google Static Maps (to reduce Google Maps fees). GeoJSON overlays can now be added to Location Maps (GeoJSON is a text-based format for storing geographic data). And, map view editing now has options that are up-to-date with current Google Maps .
  • Picking dates is now more robust when editing News Articles, Forms and Calendar Events.
  • Community Center’s Messaging Component now works on responsive websites. The Messaging Component allows communities on a Community Center website to talk with one another without having to share email addresses.

LIAA support applies Community Center updates as needed if your website is experiencing problems or you need new features. If any of these changes sound interesting or you have any questions or suggestions, please contact LIAA Support at