by Zach Vega
Thursday, October 3, 2019
Community Planner Zach Vega interviews Brad Neumann
Community Planner Zach Vega interviews Brad Neumann

Starting in October, LIAA will begin releasing episodes of its new "Welcome To" podcast, hosted by Community Planner Zach Vega. Each episode will feature guests with a range of innovative ideas and research to help inform local decision-making processes, with an emphasis on Michigan. Stay tuned for the first episodes, which will cover the following topics:

  • Episode 1: Mary Reilly and Brad Neumann, MSUExtension – Recreational Marijuana and Climate Change
  • Episode 2: Dr. Rex LaMore, Michigan State University – Domicology: Rethinking the Life Cycle of Structures
  • Episode 3: Dr. Noah Durst, Michigan State University – Innovative Ways Low-Income Individuals Acquire Housing
  • Episode 4: Coleman Yoakum, Micah 6 Community – On the Ground Neighborhood Revitalization in Pontiac

UPDATE: Find the latest episodes here: