You can send simple emails to addresses collected by the Form Component and the Digest Component.

Preparing to Send from a Form Component

To start sending email from a Form Component:

  1. View the Form Results.
  2. If your form has questions other than the email address, click the field name at the top of the column showing the email addresses on the Form Report page. A new Form Report appears showing data only from the one field, which should be a list of email addresses.
  3. In the left column, click Send Bulk Mail. The Message Manager page appears.
  4. Continue with Create New Message.

Preparing to Send from a Digest Component

To start sending email from a Digest Component:

  1. Visit the Manage Subscribers page.
  2. In the left column, click Send Email to Subscribers. The Message Manager page appears.
  3. Continue with Create New Message.

Create a New Message

First, you must create the message you will send.

  1. On the Message Manager page, click Add New Message. A message titled New Message appears in the message list.
  2. Next to the New Message, click the word Message in the Edit column. The Bulk Mail Editor page appears.
  3. Type a Title, Subject, and Body Text for your email message.
  4. You can add pictures to the email by using the Add Picture link to upload pictures to the message, then using the Insert/edit Image button Insert/edit Image button to insert the pictures in the text. See Tips for a Successful Email for more about pictures.
  5. When done, click Save Changes. Then Close This Window to return to the Message Manager.
  6. When you are ready, continue with Send a Message.

Send a Message

With your completed message, you are read to send it.

  1. On the Message Manager page, click Send in the Action column next to your message. The Send Bulk Mail page appears.
  2. Make sure the Reply To email address is correct. This will be the email address that recipients will send messages to if they click Reply in their email client. The message will be sent from the email address of the website.
  3. Uncheck any email addresses in the list that you do NOT want the message to be sent to.
  4. Click Send Message. It may take a few minutes to send all the emails, depending on the length of your list. When done, the Send Bulk Mail page appears showing the history of the current message (click Text to see the text of the message and click Recipients to view the list of email addresses the message was sent to).
  5. Click Close This Window on each open window.

Tips for a Successful Email

  • Community Center's email text editor provides only a simple subset of options to add to your email. You'll not have much control over the look of the email because email clients vary so widely in their interpretation of HTML. Embrace the simplicity and plan good content that will work regardless of how it looks.
  • Use header styles (Heading 1, Heading 2, Heading 3) to set off sections of your email.
  • If you add pictures or tables, make sure they are not wider than 500 pixels. Keep pictures to a minimum and not smaller than 100 pixels on a side.
  • Very Important: Always add your organization's name, mailing address, phone number, and website address to the email. Spam filters look for this information and are more likely to let your email pass to the intended recipient if it is there.
Component for this Procedure: Bulk Mail
Minimum Community Center Version: 5
User Role: Editor
Procedure Link: