When adding a new page to the website, you must first decide three things:

  1. What is the new page’s parent page?
  2. Will the link to this page be added to the Page Menu in the left column of the parent (visible) or in the Page Library area of the parent (hidden)?
  3. Is there already a links group on the parent in which to add the new page or must one be added?

Then, you can add the new page.

Choose the Parent Page

The website is built hierarchically, with each page (except the home page) related to the page above it in the hierarchy. Therefore, to add a new page, choose which existing page will be that page’s parent and visit that parent page.

Note: You can tell where you are in the website hierarchy by looking at the bread crumb trail on any page.

Choose the Link Location

Next, you must choose where the link to the new page will appear. On most sites, it can appear in the Page Menu area in the left column (always visible to users), or in the Page Library area (hidden to users unless you add a link someplace else on the page). Generally, you will want a page to appear in the Page Menu.

Add a Links Group?

A Links Group is a place to add new pages. A Links Group contains pages that are related somehow (by category or topic). On most sites, you can place a Links Group in the Page Menu or Page Library areas of the edit form. Page Menu Links Groups are inherited from the parent page unless a new Page Menu Links Group is created on the child page. Based on all those rules, if you need to add a new Links Group, here’s how:

  1. Edit the page.
  2. In the page edit form, open either the Page Menu area or the Page Library area, then scroll to the first open Group Title box you see.

Note: Some sites allow you to hide the Page Menu. If you use the Page Menu, please make sure it is visible.

  1. In the Group Title box, type a phrase characterizing the pages you will create there, such as "Clerk Pages" or "Department Pages", then Submit the edit form.
  2. When the main page has refreshed, you should see a new set of buttons, beginning with an Add button, in the chosen area of the page.

When you're ready, you can then Add the Page.

Component for this Procedure: Page Management Tool
Minimum Community Center Version: 2
User Role: Editor
Procedure Link: http://www.liaa.org/howtoprocedure.asp?howtoid=111