Some Standard Databases may have fields that allow the person entering data to select a value from a dropdown list. A Site Manager can edit the values in this list.

  1. Log in as a Site Manager.
  2. Click My Profile. The Site Manager Tools window appears.
  3. Click SDB Manager. The SDB Manager window appears.
  4. Click a database name. The Database window appears.
  5. Click Edit Field Properties in the left column. The Modify Field Properties window appears.
  6. Locate the field whose values you wish to modify. Click the Edit link at the extreme right of that field's row. The Category Editor window appears.
  7. Click Add Item in the left column. A set of empty boxes appears at the top of the list of categories.
  8. In the Item box, type the new value you wish to add to the list. Modify the Order boxes so that the new item, and any existing items, appears in the proper order. When done, click Submit This Form. The Category Editor window re-appears.
  9. Verify that the items are correct and appear in the proper order. If so, close all open windows.
Component for this Procedure: Standard Database
Minimum Community Center Version: 2
User Role: Site Manager
Procedure Link: