To configure a Forum Component, click on the Component Name in the Forum Manager.

  • Display User Name - Choose "Always" to require display of the submitting user's name with a comment. Choose "If User Allows" to allow the user to decide to post a comment anonymously or not. Choose "Never" to require all users to post anonymously.
  • Sort Messages - Comments (or Messages) are always sorted by date. Choose Newest First or Oldest First to determine how the comments are sorted.
  • New Topics Must Be Approved - Check this box to require new Topics to be approved, if an approver group is specified for the component.
  • New Comments Must Be Approved - Check this box to require new Comments to be approved, if an approver group is specified for the component.
  • Who can assign Moderator to a topic? - A Moderator is a Community Center user account that other users can contact with questions or complaints about the comments in a Forum. Each topic can have its own Moderator. This setting determines who can choose the Moderator. Choose "Do Not Use Moderator" to not allow Moderators, choose "Any Topic Editor" to allow users who can add topics to choose the moderator for those topics, or choose "Site Managers Only" to require a Site Manager to choose the moderator for a topic. Generally, if you use approval for a Forum component and Moderators, the Moderators should be members of the approver group. Otherwise, the Moderator should have Delete rights to the Forum component.
  • Only send notification with New Comment - If the Forum is configured for notification, check this box to only send notification messages with new comments, rather than every time a Topic is added or changed.
  • Change Message Template - The default notification message only indicates that something was added to the Forum component. You can enter a custom notification message in this box. Use the codes shown below the box to include information from the submitted comment in the notification message.
  • Topics - Add topics to start comment threads.
Component for this Procedure: Forum
Minimum Community Center Version: 3
User Role: Site Manager
Procedure Link: