Why?  If your site has dropdown menus for navigation purposes, these menus must be updated as new pages and sections are added to your site.

  1. Click My Profile. The Login window appears displaying the Site Manager System Tools.
  2. Click Menu Editor in the Site Manager Component Tools section. The Menu Editor window appears.
  3. To add a new menu, click Add New Menu. To edit an existing menu, click the Menu Name. The Menu Settings window appears.
  4. Provide or verify the Name of the menu. This name must not contain any spaces or punctuation.
  5. Provide the Location coordinates. Unless your design specifically requires other values, enter 0 in both of these boxes.
  6. You may specify the Width of the menu if you desire. Note that the site designer can use or ignore this value when the look and feel of the web site is determined.
  7. Your site designer may provide you with more than one set of text and color styles for the menus on your site. If necessary, select a Menu Style Class from the list.
  8. Now you are ready to add items to your menu:
    1. Click Add. A new item is added to the existing Menu Items list.
    2. In the Display Text box, type the text the end user will see or click on to activate the menu item.
    3. If necessary, you may select a Group from the list provided. If selected, only members of the specified group will be able to view and use that menu item. To allow all users to view and use the item, leave the Group box blank.
    4. In the Link Text box, type the file name of the page or the full URL of the page or web site users will be sent to when the menu item is clicked.

Note: To create a flyout menu, type menu: then the menu name in the Link Text box first, then type a space followed by the page file name or URL the user will be sent to when the item is clicked.  Adding a page file name or URL is optional when creating a flyout menu.

  1. Click Submit. The Menu Settings window refreshes.


  1. When done, click Close This Window.
Component for this Procedure: Site Configuration
Minimum Community Center Version: 3
User Role: Site Manager
Procedure Link: http://www.liaa.org/howtoprocedure.asp?howtoid=68