Why?  The first page you create in a new PMT Database must be a root page.  In addition, root pages can be created when a high-level page in your site outline is needed.

  1. Click My Profile. The Login window appears displaying the Site Manager System Tools.
  2. Click PMT Database Manager. The Page Management Tool Database Manager window appears.
  3. Click the link for the master page in which you want to create the root page. The Master PMT Page appears.
  4. Scroll down to the ROOT PAGES links group in the lower left corner. Then, click Add. The Add a Web Page window appears.
  5. Continue adding a page just as you would any other page. You will probably want to use a Home Page template for your Root Page.
Component for this Procedure: Page Management Tool
Minimum Community Center Version: 2
User Role: Site Manager
Procedure Link: http://www.liaa.org/howtoprocedure.asp?howtoid=65