You can add dynamic or calcuated values (parameters) into the default field of a text element (or list element as of CCv5b28) when building a Form.  When you type the following codes in bold into the Default field for a text element, they will be replaced with the values in the description below when a user starts to fill in the Form.

Replaced with today's date.

Where N is a number.  Replaced with a date, today's date plus N days.

Where N is a number.  Replaced with a date, today's date minus N days.

Replaced with the current server time. (Added CCv5b23)

{url parameter}
Replaced with the value specified by a parameter named within the {} in the page's URL. For example, if {name} is provided as the default for a field called First Name, and the page's URL is regform.asp?name=Bob, the default for the First Name field will be Bob. (Added CCv5b23)

Only valid when a Community Center user is logged in.  This parameter is replaced with the user's registration data specified by code.  Possible codes are (note that these are case sensitive, and must be typed exactly as shown):

Email - email address

Name - full name, first and last

FirstName - first name only

LastName - last name only

Organization - organization name

StAddress - street address

City - city

State - state

Zip - zip code

Address - full address; address, city, state, zip

HomePhone - home phone number

WorkPhone - work phone number

CellPhone - cell phone number

Pager - pager number

Fax - fax number

URL - web site address

Replaced with the value of the Session Variable named variable. This is only used when creating new code using Community Center's API. (Added after CCv5b24)

Component for this Procedure: Form
Minimum Community Center Version: 5
User Role: Editor
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