Use this procedure to add several users to a Restricted Group.  You must log in as a Site Manager to perform this procedure. 

  1. Click My Profile.  The Login window appears displaying the Site Manager System Tools.
  2. Click Group Manager.  The Group Manager window appears.
  3. Click a Restricted Group name.  The Group Editor window appears.
  4. In the Users list, click the name(s) you wish to add to this group (hold the Ctrl key to select more than one name).  When done, click the >> button.  The selected names appear in the Members list.
  5. Click Submit.  The Group Editor window disappears.

Note: Because user group memberships are assigned at login time, if you change the group membership of a user who is currently logged in, they will have to log out and log back in to become a member of the group.

Component for this Procedure: Site Security
Minimum Community Center Version: 1
User Role: Site Manager
Procedure Link: