There are several types of Group available in Community Center. Here is a quick overview of each type:

  • Restricted - The primary group type used for security purposes. Only a Site Manager can assign user accounts to a Restricted Group. Typically, these would be Editor user types. Restricted Groups are assigned rights to components that give the members of the group abilities to add, edit or delete items in those components.
  • Limited - This group type can be used for security or inter-group communications through the User Directory. Users may assign themselves to a Limited Group by checking boxes on the User Profile form. Use Limited Groups when you want to make it easier for users to quickly get to the content that most interests them.
  • Approver - This group type is used to enable approval on a component. Enable approval by assigning an Approver Group on a component security form and checking the Enable Notification box. When enabled, members of the Approver Group will receive an email when new items are added to the component. These items will not be visible to the public until a member of the Approver Group visits the component and approves the new item.
  • Debit - This group type is used to manage component access based on payment or assignment by a non-Site Manager. There are four sub-types of  Debit Group:
    • Pay-Per-View: This allows the user to establish an account balance from which an amount is debited each time they view an item in the component.
    • Pay-Per-Item: This allows the user to establish an account balance from which an amount is debited the first time they view an item in the component. Subsequent views of that item are not charged.
    • Subscription: This allows the user to pay an amount for a specified period of access to a component (in days). When the period expires, the user will no longer be able to view that component.
    • Membership: This allows any users authorized by a Site Manager, called Account Managers, to assign member user accounts to the group. Membership can be set to expire in a number of days.

This is just a quick overview of Group Types. Please contact LIAA support to discuss your needs and the best way to apply these to your website.

Component for this Procedure: Site Security
Minimum Community Center Version: 2
User Role: Site Manager
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