Why? An extended hit report can give you a quick idea of activity on your website. Are people visiting? How much? Which pages? When?

Generate an Extended Hit Report

  1. Log in with your Site Manager account, then visit My Profile to display the Site Manager tools.
  2. Scroll to the Site Manager Reports section, then click Extended Hit Report. The Extended Hit Report window appears.
  3. Specify From and To dates, using the guidelines below.
  4. Check boxes next to one or more reports, using the guidelines below.
  5. Choose a Show option (Daily, Monthly or Only Total Results),  using the guidelines below.
  6. Click Show Selected Reports. The Extended Hit Report window regenerates with your selected reports shown toward the bottom of the window.

Extended Hit Report Guidelines

Reports consist of raw numbers for the type of report selected. Note that Community Center counts any visit to the website, either by human-driven or robotic browsers.

The Show option determines the detail of the numbers, either Daily, a Monthly summary, or a Total for the time period chosen.

If you choose the Daily option, please do not specify a date range of more than 30 days. The wider the date range you choose, the longer it will take your report to generate.

Note that only reports marked with an asterisk * support the Monthly or Total options. If you choose the Monthly or Total options, you can choose a date range of more than 1 year if you wish.

Here are descriptions of each of the reports:

  • Site Accesses* - This shows total visits to the website, of any number of pages, for each type of user recognized by the system (Anonymous, Self-Registered, Editor and Site Manager). Use this to determine relative activity trends on the website but take the Anonymous numbers with a grain of salt (many are robots).
  • Site Accesses Per Hour of the Day – This shows visits to the website, of any number of pages, for each hour of each day. Use this to determine trends of what time of day your site is most or least visited.
  • Hits Per Page* - This shows the number of times each page was viewed. If you only want to see the most visited pages, check the Show only top box and enter a number in the quantity box. Note that if you do not select Show only top, pages will be sorted alphabetically by file name. If you do choose Show only top, pages will be sorted by most visited first.
  • Site Accesses Per User, Time On Site Per User and Number of Pages Visited Per User – These reports show number of visits, time spent on the site and number of pages visited for each registered user (and only registered users who have logged in).
  • Session Information – This report shows total sessions (or visits to the website), basically a total of the numbers shown in the Site Accesses report. This report also includes time spent on the site and an average number of pages visited. However, robotic traffic tends to skew these data very much to the low end (since robots jump between sites often, initiating many sessions and only visiting one  or few pages in one session), making the time spent and pages visited numbers not very useful.
  • Item Click Counts* - This report is only valid if your website has been configured to track click counts for individual items. For example, the News Component can be configured to track clicks on each news article. If that is true, then each article visited will be shown in this report with the corresponding number of visits.
  • Site Accesses Per Client Address and Page Hits Per Client Address – These reports show site accesses and total page hits for each IP address that visits the site, but only if IP address tracking is enabled. This is rarely done and only for special circumstances (e.g. troubleshooting), so generally these reports are not available.

Using Report Data

Because the report data are displayed in a table, you can carefully highlight the entire table in your browser and paste it into Excel or any spreadsheet. With minimal cleanup, you can then use the spreadsheet tools to generate graphs or other visualizations of the data. Please contact LIAA Support if you would like assistance with this.

Component for this Procedure: Site Reports
Minimum Community Center Version: 2
User Role: Site Manager
Procedure Link: http://www.liaa.org/howtoprocedure.asp?howtoid=123