You may set up views of the News Component that only display one or more categories. Use this procedure to add categories to your component.

  1. Log in to the website as a Site Manager.
  2. Click My Profile to bring up the Site Manager tools, then in the Site Manager Component Tools section, click News Manager. The News Manager window appears.
  3. Click the name of the News Component you want to work with. The Preferences window appears.
  4. In the left column, click Edit Categories. The Categories window appears.
  5. In the New Category box, type the name of the category you want to add. Then, click Add New Category. The new category name appears in the Existing Categories list.
  6. Click Close This Window.

Once added here, the categories can be selected when editing or adding News articles.

Component for this Procedure: News
Minimum Community Center Version: 2
User Role: Site Manager
Procedure Link: