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Developing a Vision for the St. Joseph Harbor

St. Joseph Harbor Panelists

On January 22, residents and business owners in the greater St. Joseph area came together to lay out a future vision for the St. Joseph harbor area. This harbor visioning meeting is part of the larger land use planning process called Resilient St. Joseph, which will result in a new Master Plan for the City and will provide guidance for successful community development in the years to come.

After a short presentation on existing conditions, the bulk of the meeting featured a panel of community leaders who answered questions and provided their perspective and expertise on issues related to the St. Joseph Harbor. Community members were encouraged to come with questions for the panelists. Panelists included business owners serviced by the commercial harbor, a marina owner, owners and developers of a new mixed-use development on the harbor, the city manager, president of the local neighborhood association, and a representative from the US Army Corps of Engineers.

Issues and concerns identified by community members will be further refined through subsequent meetings. LIAA planners are recommending that the two communities (St. Joseph and Benton Harbor) consider conducting a design charrette focused on developing a vision for the entire harbor with a detailed plan on how to get there.

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