A group of people take a tour of a downtown area
LIAA's Former Executive Director Harry Burkholder Leads a Trail Towns Tour

Increasingly, local governments are considering better ways to utilize their current trail infrastructure to attract tourism and spur new business creation. First developed by the Allegheny Trail Alliance, the Trail Town approach uses trails as the focal point of a tourism-centered strategy for economic development and revitalization.

Utilizing the primary tenets of the Trail Town approach, LIAA's professionals have cultivated this unique economic development strategy in several communities across Michigan. LIAA regularly conducts presentations and seminars on Trail Towns at national regional and statewide conferences.

Download LIAA's presentation from the 2019 International Trails Symposium.

In addition, LIAA has developed the Trail Town Manual for the North Country Trail Association.

Whether it's just an introductory presentation or a full-fledged planning and development effort, LIAA's noted Trail Town experts can help your community develop its own Trail Town strategy. Please contact us for more information.