The Community Center QuickNote feature allows website viewers to send an email to a registered website editor without exposing the editor's email address.  This procedure shows how to create a link that will launch the QuickNote form for a specific editor.

NOTE: This procedure requires a Community Center User Directory link on your website, which may not be present.  If you can't find a directory link, please contact LIAA tech. support.

  1. Log in to the website.
  2. Click the Directory link on your website (usually in the upper right corner of most pages).  The Group Directory window appears.
  3. Click a group name of which the user you wish to receive the QuickNote emails is a member.  The User Directory window appears.
  4. Find the entry for the user you wish to receive the QuickNote emails.  Then, highlight and copy (Ctrl-C) the URL in the QuickNote Permalink box.
  5. Close the User Directory window.
  6. Edit the page or record where you want the QuickNote link to appear.
  7. In the text edit box, type the text users will click on to launch the QuickNote window. The text should be descriptive, like "send an email to Bob", rather than just "click here".
  8. Highlight the link text, then click the Insert/edit link button Insert/edit link button in the toolbar. The Insert/edit link window appears.
  9. In the Link URL box, paste the QuickNote Permalink you copied earlier (Ctrl-V). 
  10. In the Target list, select Open in a new window.
  11. Click Insert. The Insert/edit link window disappears, and the link text is now underlined.

Finally, when you submit the form you are working on, and display the text in the browser, the link will be active (it is not active while editing).

Component for this Procedure: Text Editor
Minimum Community Center Version: 3
User Role: Editor
Procedure Link: