Users that can view Form results can delete selected items from the results by using a criteria statement.  A criteria statement uses values from Form elements to determine the records that are deleted.  When you write a criteria statement, you write a formula to which the only possible answer is either True or False.  If the answer is True for a particular submission of the Form, then that submission is deleted from the form results.

For example, let's say that your Form has an element called Event Date, and you would like to delete all of the submissions that have Event Dates in the past.  If today's date is 1/1/2011, then you would type the following in the criteria box:

[Event Date] < #1/1/2011#

This can be read as "Where Event Date is before (less than) January 1, 2011".  So, submissions that have an Event Date of 12/1/2010 will be deleted, where those that have an Event Date of 2/11/2011 will not.

The criteria statement is written in SQL syntax, and if you are familiar with this language used to query databases, you will note that the criteria statement consists of only what you would include in the WHERE clause of a query.

To include a value from a Form element in your criteria, type the element name (exactly as it is shown in at the top of the Form Results page) in square brackets, e.g. [Event Date].

When comparing numbers (including dates), you can use the following operators:



Less Than

Greater Than


Less Than or Equal


Greater Than or Equal


Not Equal


When writing specific dates, they should be encased in # signs, e.g. #1/1/2011#.

When comparing text, you can use the LIKE operator, and use % signs as wildcards.  Specific text must be encased in single quotes (or apostrophes), e.g. 'Bob'.  For example, consider the following statement:

[Last Name] LIKE 'a%'

This can be read as "Where Last Name starts with A".  Generally, text queries are not case-specific.

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