To make a document file available on a page you must perform two tasks:

  1. Upload the document file to the page's library
  2. Create a link to the document file in the page text

Note: Generally, you should only upload PDF-format document files to the website unless you have a reason to want users to download and edit other file types.

Upload the Document to the Page's Library

  1. Edit the page.
  2. Open the Document Library section of the page edit form.
  3. Click the Browse button. A file selection window will appear.
  4. Find the file you wish to make available and select it using the window. When you are done, the file system path to the file from your computer will appear in the box next to the Browse button.
  5. You may optionally type a Caption for the file (this text is displayed when you insert a link to the document).
  6. Submit the form. As the page is processed the document file is uploaded to the web server.

Create a Link to the Document

  1. Edit the page.
  2. Type the text users will click on to download the document. The text should be descriptive, like "download our interesting new document", rather than just "click here".
  3. Highlight the link text, then click the Insert/edit link button Insert/edit link buttonin the toolbar. The Insert/edit link window appears.
  4. From the Link List, select the correct document.
  5. In the Target list, choose Open link in a new window.
  6. Click Insert.
  7. Submit the form.

Note: This procedure updated for Community Center v5b26 and above. If your website does not work like this, please contact LIAA support.

Delete a Document

To delete a document, just reverse the procedures shown above:

  1. Remove the link to the document by clicking anywhere in a link to the document and clicking the Unlink button Unlink button in the toolbar.
  2. In the Document Library, check the Remove...from page box next to the document, then Submit the form.
Component for this Procedure: Page Management Tool
Minimum Community Center Version: 4
User Role: Editor
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