First, you must know the URL of the page you want to link to (the destination page). If you can't just type it from memory (which you shouldn't do), try one of these two options:

  • Open a new browser window, navigate to the page, then copy the URL from the Location or Address box.
  • Right-click (or Ctrl-Click on an Apple computer) any existing link and select Copy Shortcut or Copy Link Location.

Next, return to or open the WYSIWYG text edit box where you want the link to appear.

  1. Type the text users will click on to go to the link. The text should be descriptive, like "visit our information page", rather than just "click here".
  2. Highlight the link text, then click the Insert/edit link button Insert/edit link button in the toolbar. The Insert/edit link window appears.
  3. In the Link URL box, type or paste the URL of the destination page.
  4. If the destination page is NOT part of the website you are working on, or is a PDF file or other document, choose Open link in a new window from the Target list. Otherwise, do not choose anything from the Target list or choose Open link in the same window.
  5. You only need to provide a Title if the link text you chose does NOT describe the destination page well. If that's true, then type a clear description in the Title box.
  6. Click Insert. The Insert/edit link window disappears, and the link text is now underlined.

Finally, when you submit the form you are working on, and display the text in the browser, the link will be active (it is not active while editing).

Email Links

You may add an email address link by typing mailto: in front of the email address in the Link URL box, for example

Telephone Number Links

You may add a telephone number link (to allow those using a smartphone to tap the link to dial the number) by typing tel: in front of the telephone number. Note that the number should include a + sign, the country code (1 for USA) and the full 10 digit number separated only by dashes, for example tel:+1-231-929-3696.

Component for this Procedure: Text Editor
Minimum Community Center Version: 3
User Role: Editor
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