1. Edit the page on which you would like the Calendar view to appear.
  2. On the edit form, find a Component View location (Large or Small).
  3. Click Configure Component Views.  The Component View Manager window appears.
  4. From the Add New Component View list, select an option that begins with Calendar:.  The type of view you select appears in the Current Views section of the form.
  5. Click Edit View Properties under the new view type.  The Calendar View Configuration window appears.
  6. Provide Calendar View Configuration options following the instructions under each item on the screen.  Generally, you only need to check the box next to a Calendar name in the Components list and optionally modify the view Title.
  7. Submit the form.  The form may re-appear, allowing you to specify Categories of events to be shown on this view.
  8. Submit the form again if necessary.  The Calendar View Configuration window disappears.
  9. On the Component View Manager window, click Use These Views.  The Calendar View Configuration window disappears.
  10. Submit the page form.
Component for this Procedure: Calendar
Minimum Community Center Version: 3
User Role: Editor
Procedure Link: http://www.liaa.org/howtoprocedure.asp?howtoid=78