Why? If a member of a Debit Group pays by check or cash, an Account Manager must add that payment to the Debit Group to enable the user's account.

Note: To complete this procedure, a Site Manager must designate you as an Account Manager for a Debit Group.

You must log in to create a Debit Group account.  When you are logged in:

  1. Click My Profile.  The User Profile window appears.
    Note: If you are a Site Manager, scroll down the Site Manager Tools page and click the Change User Profile link.
  2. Scroll down to the Debit Groups section of the User Profile window and find the Debit Group to which the user will be added.  Click the Manage Members link.  The Debit Group Manager window appears.
  3. Find the user's name in the member list, then type the amount of the payment you received into the Add Pmt box next to the user's name.  Click Save Changes.  The Debit Group Manager window refreshes, showing the message Added Payments for 1 Member at the top, and a revised balance in the Balance box next to the user's name.
  4. Close the Debit Group Manager window.
Component for this Procedure: Site Security
Minimum Community Center Version: 4
User Role: Editor
Procedure Link: http://www.liaa.org/howtoprocedure.asp?howtoid=7