If you are listed as an approver for a links group component, you may receive an email indicating that a page has been added or changed and requires approval.

  1. Follow the link in the email to display the page that was changed.
  2. Log in. Notice that UN-APPROVED PAGE! appears at the top of the page.
  3. View the page for any objectionable or incorrect content. You now have three choices:

a.  Approve the page.  Click the Approve button at the top of the page.  The Page Management Tool -- Approve a Page! window appears.  Click Approve the Page.  The Web Page Management -- Approve a Page window appears.  Click Close This Window.

b. Modify the page, then approve it. Follow the instructions to Edit a Page on page 9, then approve the page as shown in 3.a above.

c. Delete the page. Follow the instructions to Delete a Page on page 10.

Component for this Procedure: Page Management Tool
Minimum Community Center Version: 2
User Role: Editor
Procedure Link: http://www.liaa.org/howtoprocedure.asp?howtoid=43