Some Community Center web sites may allow you to get a new password automatically:

  1. Click Log In. The Login window appears.
  2. If there is a Password Finder link, click it and the Password Finder window will appear. Otherwise:
    1. Type your Email Address and anything in the Password box. Then click Submit. A message appears indicating that the password you provided is not correct.
    2. Click Password Finder, if it is available (if it is not available, contact a site manager for help). The Password Finder window appears.
  3. Verify your email address, then click Find Me. If the Community Center can find your email address, a message will be displayed informing you that your password has been changed, and the new password has been emailed to you.
  4. Click Close This Window.
  5. Check your email and look for an email whose subject begins with "Password Reset...." This email will contain your new password.
  6. Note the password, then return to the Community Center web site and log in again, this time using your new password.
If your login is successful, your user profile will appear.  Change your password to something you will remember and click Submit.
Component for this Procedure: User Accounts
Minimum Community Center Version: 1
User Role: All Registered Users
Procedure Link: