The Digest Component is a way for end users of your website to be notified when new content that they are interested in is posted to your website. For it to work, three groups must be involved:

  • Site Managers create the Digest component and configure the topics that editors and end users may choose from.
  • Editors must check topic boxes on edit forms when they create new content on the website. Currently, the Calendar, News, and Standard Database components support the Digest.
  • End Users must register by providing their email address and check boxes for the topics they are interested in. In addition, they must choose whether they would like to receive a daily or weekly email. Note that if there is no new content, they will not receive an email, regardless of the frequency of emails they have requested.

LIAA Tech Support must make a few minor changes to your web server for the Digest Component to operate properly, so if you do wish to use Digest, please contact us!

When you add a Digest Component to your website, consider carefully how end users will find it, and make sure to promote its use in all your communications.

Component for this Procedure: Digest
Minimum Community Center Version: 6.02
User Role: All Registered Users
Procedure Link: