Use this procedure when you want to display News articles on a page.

  1. Edit the page on which you would like the News view to appear.
  2. On the edit form, find a Component View location (Large or Small).
  3. Click Configure Component Views.  The Component View Manager window appears.
  4. From the Add New Component View list, select an option that begins with News:.  The type of view you select appears in the Current Views section of the form.
  5. Click Edit View Properties under the new view type.  The News View Configuration window appears.
  6. Provide News View Configuration options following the instructions under each item on the screen.  See below for a discussion of options.
  7. Submit the form. 
  8. On the Component View Manager window, click Use These Views.  The News View Configuration window disappears.
  9. Submit the page form.

News View Options

Here is a brief description of the options on the News View Configuration form:

  • Component: Choose the component you would like to show.
  • Title: Type the title you would like to use for this view. If left blank, the component name will be used as the title. If set to none, no title will be used (used rarely). If you are creating a view that shows only one category, type a Title that describes that category (or just use the category name).
  • Subtitle: Type a subtitle for this view. If left blank, the time period shown in the view will be used. Type none to hide the Subtitle.
  • Title Style: Choose a header style appropriate for your website's design or leave blank.
  • Category Filters: Check boxes next to the category (or categories) to show only those articles in this view. This will not appear if no categories have been configured for this component.
  • Period to Show: Select Use Article Dates to display Articles when the current date falls between its start and end dates. The other options show Articles whose start and end dates fall within the specified period of time. The actual dates used depend on the setting of Period Offset.
  • Period Offset: If you chose Use Article Dates for Period to Show, leave this blank. Otherwise, enter 0 or a positive or negative integer to show the specified period relative to today. For the Single Day/Week/Month periods, the whole period is offset (e.g. Single Week with Offset -1 = Last Week). For Day/Week/Month Range periods, the offset is the number of periods from today, including today (e.g. Day Range with Offset 20 = the next 20 days). For the Middle Range period, the offset represents the total number of days shown with today in the middle (e.g. Middle Range with Offset 60 = the previous 30 days through the next 30 days).
  • Remove Author Name from View: Check this box to not display the author name with the Article title in this view.
  • Remove Permalink from View: Check this box to not display a link to the Article in this view.
  • Remove Search Button from View: Check this box to not display the Search Button in this view.
  • Assign Article Title To Page: Check this box to display the view title as the page title (set Page Title to <%=ccPageTitle %>).

Component for this Procedure: News
Minimum Community Center Version: 2
User Role: Editor
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