To reorganize your website, or move a Links Group from the Library area of a page to the Page Menu, use this procedure.

  1. Determine the destination page for the Links Group. This could be any page within the same Page Management database as the links group, and it can be the same page on which the Links Group appears. Then, visit that destination page.
  2. Log in (if necessary) and edit the page using the main edit button.
  3. Open the area of the page where you want the Links Group to appear, then find an empty Group Title box. Next to that box, click Load an Existing Links Group. The Page Management Tool - Use an Existing Links Group window appears.
  4. Links Groups are sorted by the page on which they currently appear. Find the page, then the Links Group you wish to use and check the box next to it. Then, click Submit. The name of the Links Group appears in the Group Title box.
  5. Submit the page edit form. When the page regenerates, the Links Group will appear in its new position. However, the Links Group is also still in its original position. We recommend that you delete the moved Links Group from its original position (see the next steps).
  6. Visit the page on which the Links Group came from. Edit that page, and open the area of the edit form where the Links Group appears.
  7. Find the Group Title box that contains the name of the Links Group, then check the box below it called Remove this links group from the page. Then, Submit the page edit form. The page will regenerate without the Links Group.

Note: Should you delete a Links Group without placing it elsewhere first, the pages in that Links Group will also be deleted!

Component for this Procedure: Page Management Tool
Minimum Community Center Version: 2
User Role: Editor
Procedure Link: