Some responsive Community Center websites are configured to support responsive embedded video. This video shows you how to add it:


Here is the procedure written out:

Get Embed Code

First, you must copy embed code for the video from the host site. For YouTube:

  1. Visit the video’s page on YouTube.
  2. Click Share on the page. The sharing window appears.
  3. Click Embed. The Embed Video window appears.
  4. Click Copy. The embed code is copied to your clipboard.
  5. Close YouTube.

Add Embed Code to Page

Next, you must add the embed code to the page using the Text Edit Box.

  1. Edit the text where the video will appear. Position the cursor on a line by itself in the text.
  2. Click the Insert predefined template content button (usually between the Format and Styles dropdowns). The Insert predefined template content window appears.
  3. From the Template list, choose Add Video. The words Replace This Text With Video appear in the preview window.

  4. Click Insert. The words Replace This Text With Video appear in the Text Edit Box.
  5. Highlight all 5 words in Replace This Text With Video, then click the Insert/Edit Embedded Media button. The Insert/Edit Embedded Media window appears.
  6. Click the Source tab. Then, paste the embed code copied earlier into the Source box. Then click Insert. A yellow box appears in the Text Edit Box.
  7. Submit or Save the text. The embedded video should appear, and it will scale with the width of the device viewing it.

Delete Embedded Video

If you need to remove embedded video, here's how:

  1. Edit the text where the video appears.
  2. Click on the yellow box that represents the video. Handles (small squares) appear around the video. Then, in the Path area at the top of the text edit box, click The video box turns blue.
  3. Press backspace (on your keyboard) twice. The video should be gone.
  4. Save the text.
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