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Lake Charlevoix Shoreline Protection Zoning Standards

LIAA is working to help enact shoreline protection zoning standards in the ten jurisdictions surrounding Lake Charlevoix to help protect water quality within the Lake.

The goal of the Lake Charlevoix Shoreline Protection Zoning Standards project is to understand, accept, and adopt common standards and zoning language in the ten jurisdictions around Lake Charlevoix with the intent of keeping the lake clean. A steering committee of local zoning and planning officials has been formed to help identify common standards and definitions for shoreline protection ordinances and create draft zoning ordinance language. The project also includes an analysis of existing shoreline zoning standards and an analysis of recommendations made by previous zoning study work groups. LIAA has also created a user-friendly, interactive website with the analysis results and recommendations to give local officials and citizens an opportunity to compare their own zoning standards with neighboring areas. Visit http://www.lakecharlevoixprotection.org for more information.

Project Team: LIAA Planning
Harry Burkholder
Claire Karner
Katie Moss Sieb

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