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Local Wetland Adaptation for a Changing Climate

Identifying options to preserve and protect wetlands.
Blue Flag Iris in a Northern Michigan Wetland
Blue Flag Iris in a Northern Michigan Wetland

In 2013, LIAA received a grant from the Michigan Department of Environmental Quality Coastal Zone Management Program (CZMP) to help CZMP to research wetland adaptation. Given LIAA's expertise working with local units of government, LIAA was tasked with re-evaluating and assessing options for helping Michigan’s local governments better preserve and protect their coastal wetlands. Findings and recommendations included in a final white paper came out of a robust review of primary and secondary sources, existing state and local plans that incorporate climate change adaptation strategies, an assessment of all known local wetland ordinances in Michigan, a series of expert interviews, and two focused-discussion groups. LIAA also developed a series of short videos highlighting the role wetland preservation and restoration can have in mitigating the impacts of climate change. 

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