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The multijurisdictional Recreational Authority owns and manages three parks in the Grand Traverse area, including Historic Barns Park, Hickory Meadows, and part of Traverse City's West Bayfront.

LIAA provides executive leadership and management of the Recreational Authority under the combined jurisdiction of the City of Traverse City and the Charter Township of Garfield. The Recreational Authority oversees three sites in the Traverse City area: Historic Barns Park at the Grand Traverse Commons; Hickory Meadows; and part of the open space on Traverse City's West Bayfront. 

Rendering of Historic Barns Park
Rendering of Historic Barns Park
The Home Page of Northeast Michigan's Website
The Home Page of Northeast Michigan's Website
A Single Website for Several Agencies

Michigan's Northeast Prosperity Region wanted to present a united front to the world as they worked together to promote all they have to offer. The collaborative agencies, including the Northeast Michigan Council of Governments (NEMCOG), Michigan Works! Northeast Consortium, and the Regional Prosperity Initiative, were managing more than 5 separate websites that had much redundancy between them.

Working with local youth and Porterhouse Productions to record a live concert.

Recently UpNorthMedia Center collaborated with Porterhouse Productions, Traverse City Area Public Schools, and Traverse Bay Area Intermediate School District’s Career Tech Center Film and New Media Program to record a live concert with Ladysmith Black Mambazo.  This Grammy award winning musical group uses their music to spread the culture of South Africa all around the world and has worked closely with artists like Paul Simon. Ladysmith Black Mambazo was brought in as part of the kick off to a youth initiative program. Porterhouse Productions used this as the first event of a brand new community program aimed at engaging youth with the arts.  UpNorthMedia Center was able to work with several of the local film and video classes to get 6 student volunteers to come out and record the performance.  One student directed the live video recording while 3 students worked as camera operators for the event.  Several students also shot behind the scenes footage to help try and capture all the efforts and youth engagement of the evening.  Since the event a number of the students have remained engaged with live recording projects here at the UpNorthMedia Center and are continuing to help build the volunteer base.  Porterhouse Production also recognized UpNorthTV channel 189 as helping to sponsor the event and our efforts to get youth from the community involved.  You can watch the program on UpNorthTV channel 189.

Michigan Agritourism 2016 Directory
Michigan Agritourism 2016 Directory
Print and Interactive Design Combine to Lead Visitors to Michigan Farm Fun

Each year, the Michigan Agritourism Association distributes thousands of print directories to Michigan visitors looking to find the Association Member's fresh and delicious products.

Helping Lakefront Owners Interactively Learn About Best Practices

Michigan Shoreland Stewards is a joint project of Michigan Department of Environmental Quality's Michigan Natural Shoreline Partnership program and the Tip of the Mitt Watershed Council in Petoskey, MI along with a group of Lake Associations throughout Northern Lower Michigan. These organizations created a process for inland lake property owners to certify their lake shore in order to both recognize those who use best practices to protect the health of the lakes and to educate land owners about those best practices. The certification process is a 50 to 90 question survey asking land owners about everything from their driveway to their dock.

MI Shoreland Stewards Website Home Page Layout
MI Shoreland Stewards Website Home Page Layout
The Michigan Water Trails Website
The Michigan Water Trails Website
LIAA worked with a wide range of agencies and volunteers to make Michigan's extensive water trail system more visible to paddlers

Michigan Water Trails Website

LIAA's UpNorth Media Center produces Michigan's only live TV variety show to benefit an iconic piece of Traverse City.

Picnic at the Opera, Michigan’s only live TV variety show, is a collaboration between LIAA’s UpNorth Media Center and the iconic 123-year-old City Opera House, a nonprofit performing arts venue in the heart of downtown Traverse City, Michigan. The annual six-week series is the first fundraiser of each year for the Opera House, and it provides an exciting event for Media Center staff and volunteers to practice their craft.

Resilient Michigan
Resilient Michigan communities
This community engagement and technical services program helps citizens, local leaders and public officials plan communities that are more resilient to climate variability, extreme weather events and global economic challenges.

LIAA is currently implementing this multi-jurisdictional planning process in five coastal communities around the State of Michigan. The project mission is to foster and support community‐wide planning efforts that lead to the adoption of significant revisions to existing master plans to promote community resilience in the face of rapid economic changes and increasing climate variability. Working with project partners around the state, LIAA provides a full range of professional planning and technical support services to participating communities. Visit Resilient Michigan to learn more about Planning for Resilient Communities.

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