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The Perfect Girl

The UpNorth Media Center at LIAA got the chance to team up with Right Tree, a girls empowerment camp in Elk Rapids, MI. The goal of this partnership was to teach the campers about careers in video production and create a girls empowerment video for distribution online. Right Tree aims to teaches girls about breaking down barriers and one of the was they do this is by introducing them to careers in science, technology, engineering and manufacturing. UpNorth Media Center helped to coordinate a curriculum for two days of teaching the process of video production.

Learning Video ProductionOn June 21, 2016 we spent time going over the basics of video composition.  Then we analyzed several girl empowerment videos before having the girls start to develop a theme for their video. Between the campers and staff they came up with the idea of doing a video about "The Perfect Girl" and how this notion of perfection influences girls. They created several questions and each of the girls took turns answering the questions on camera, running sound equipment and monitoring the video. The second day of our collaboration was dedicated to editing the project.  Once again we reviewed other female empowerment videos this time to analyze techniques used in the editing process.  

Studio Set UpThe girls were then taught the basics of editing on Adobe Premiere Elements 14 and shown how to timecode the interviews. They broke up into groups with each group being responsible for a portion of the roughly 12 interviews we conducted. Once timecoding was complete as a group we reviewed the soundbite information that had been gathered and began to write out how the piece would be edited.

StoryboardingThe girls spent the rest of the day assembling the answers into the structure of the video.  UpNorth Media Center and Right Tree staff then completed the video the following day by adding in supplementary video as well as a musical track. The end result was a great piece highlighting the societal pressures of conforming to the idealistic image of "The Perfect Girl".

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